All kids are creative. All kids have dreams. All kids have ideas.


And it’s the expression of those ideas that helps a child realizes something very important: if I can turn a piece of clay into a horse, or a piece of dough into a cake - if I can create these wonderful things - then surely I can make all my other dreams real too?


It’s a child’s creativity that opens up a world of possibilities. Because creativity doesn’t just create art. It creates confidence.


At Creative Kids, we provide the environment, the tools and the inspiration for your child’s creativity to flourish. By working in intimate groups each young mind is given the confidence and trust to explore and express their own individual ideas and thoughts.


Through the use of our trouble basket at the beginning of every lesson, each child is given the opportunity to put all their troubles and issues into the basket, so that their minds and hearts are free and they are able to create, enjoy and get the most out of every lesson.


At Creative Kidz our definition of creativity is broad and we offer a wide range of creative activities for the Kidz to enjoy.


Classes run from Tuesdayto Thursday: 15:00-16:00

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